Bomb Carts



The stated specifications represent approximate values of Waterfront’s current fleet. Photos shown are representative; actual specifications, dimensions and color may vary. Please contact us for exact specifications and details. Our equipment is available used, new & refurbished.



  • Also known as shuttle chassis, these chassis are designed for the repeated use in terminals for the transport and repositioning of dry cargo containers during off-loading of vessels.
  • Designed with side guides to help the crane operator position containers accurately while the corner-less style simplifies the task.
  • Available Sizes: 40’ to 45’

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45' Bomb Cart

External Dimensions
Length 47'-0"
Width 48"
Height 48"
King Pin 21" from rear face
Location of front bolster
tandem 86" from rear face
Landing 126" from ear
Gear face of front
Location Bolster
Max Gross Weight 35,062 kg
Tare (Empty) Weight 4,581 kg
Payload 30,481 kg